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hobbytown of Boston News 05/26/2017

Hi and welcome to the new hobbytown of Boston. We have made a few adjustments and updates to the website. Please read through.


Unfortunately we had to increase our prices by a VERY SMALL amount, due to our suppliers doing the same, however this actually is good news as you will read below.


HELICAL GEARS:  Well, guess what….we were able to con, er, I mean, CONVINCE our previous thread rolling company to run off the pinion wire we need to form the helical gears. What does this mean? Simple:




Well, actually we did a test run to see how they will mesh, and the samples came back fantastic, so within a month, we’ll be 100% back up and running!


We do still have an abundance of Delrin (plastic) helical gears. As was proven by videos by DARTHSANTAFE they worked just fine and definitely made the locomotives run quieter, and they are very durable. We’ll keep them on the back burner, as an alternate for whomever would like them instead of the traditional brass ones.


KIT PRICING AND PARTS: We do have a complete parts inventory and pricing sheet. As soon as I can figure out how to list it it’ll be on this website, however feel free to email me at nick@hobbytownofboston and I can send a PDF.


The new kit prices are in place and in effect. As soon as we get the first shipment of gears in our shop, the catalog will be posted.


COUPLING KITS:  Our coupling kits are available. Besides the two kits previously offered, we are offering a third kit. They are as follows:


1000000K  2 complete sets, 3/32” X 3/32”.   $5.50


1000000K-2  2 complete sets, 2mm X 2mm.   $5.75


1000000K-3  2 complete sets, hybrid, 3/32” X 2mm.  $5.75


MOTORS:  We received our first shipment of motors. These are high quality, 5-pole, skewed armature, 2mm double shafted 1833 flat can motors.  With this shipment we now have complete can motor mounting kits available. The kits can be purchased with or without our motor, ready to install and repower any HO train, or kit!  


Our new standard motor kit will include the following:


 Our 1833 flat can motor as described above, plus plastic mounting bracket, motor and mount screws, auxiliary truck mounting hardware, wires with the terminals, instructions.


This standard kit is priced at $22.50


We’re making these kits more flexible, with the following options:


Part No. 4003, Brass, 2mm X 3/32″ bushing.   $22.50


Part No. 2074-2, Universal Socket, 2mm.  $22.50


Part No. 4003, Brass, 2mm X 3/32” bushing and Part No. 2074 Universal Socket, 3/32”.   $23.00


(2 pcs) Of our NEW Part No. 2074-2, Universal Sockets, 2mm.   $23.00


The basic motor mounting kit, NO MOTOR, will include the plastic mounting bracket, mounting screws, auxiliary truck mounting hardware, wires with the terminals, (1) brass 2mm X 3/32” bushing   $7.50.


We can add the following items to this kit for an additional $0.50, but only with the purchase of the kit. Standard parts pricing is in effect at all other times.


(1) Part No. 2074, Universal Coupling, 3/32.


(1) Part No. 2074-2, Universal Coupling, 2mm.


The  following can be added for an additional $1.00:


(1)  Die Cast mounting bracket to replace the plastic one.


We also are offering a Japanese made, 3/32” shaft, upgraded open frame motor kit. The kit comes with mounting features to isolate the motor from the chassis, for you people who want to add DCC or some other board that needs to be isolated from the chassis.


Open Frame Motor #204   $10.00.


You can add our Part No 2074 Universal Socket to this kit for an additional $0.50.


AEROTRAIN POWER CHASSIS:  We sent out about a dozen Aerotrain chassis kits, and so far no complaints, in fact we even received a few videos of the chassis performing on a customers layout, and it performed flawlessly!  I adapted the rear truck mount to accept our NEW Part No. 2077-2 modified draw bar, which is now included in all the kits. Modification of existing parts is labor intense, but these kits will now be offered in several configurations, from suggestions of our subscribers, as follows:


1) Complete powered chassis kit, can motor.   $90


2) Complete powered chassis kit, open frame motor, (Japanese made) with insulating features to allow DCC.  $90


3) Complete chassis kit, unpowered but geared, no motor, or motor mount kit.   $70.00


4) unpowered and ungeared rolling dummy chassis, no motor.   $55.00  


We will work with discounts for multiple purchases of anything listed above, or anything we sell.


All prices DO NOT include shipping & Handling.




ALCO DL-109:  We have been in contact with a fellow who offered to make a limited run of ALCo DL-109 shells for us in resin. Again, the production costs are a bit steep, and the production would most likely be around 50 units. The prices for these kits would be around $125. As soon as we decide on a delivery date from the shell manufacturer, more information will be added.


FM-H20-44 SWITCHER: We were contacted by a club in the mid west about supplying a chassis for a project, to create an FM-H20-44 switcher chassis. We took the challenge, put the club in contact with our resin shell manufacturer, and the project is moving along. Once they start receiving the shells, we will offer the kits here also, with part of the proceeds going to the club.





We have been in contact with our die casting shop, as well as our plastic manufacturer, both right here in the USA, and they both are conducting an extensive tooling inventory for us. The dies for the E-7 A & B shells are no where to be found. Hopefully someone out there in HO land knows where they ended up. We would be interested in re-acquiring them, and offering them again.


W also  located a decent amount of the Ortner hopper freight car kits. If we can swing a deal, they’ll also be offered once again.


MEET US:  Yup we’re planning on attending shows, once again. We have tested the waters locally here in NJ at several local shows with rather positive reviews.


Thanks for your continued support. As always, any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Presently I’m the only one answering emails so please be patient, every email will be addressed and answered.

All the very best,


Nick DeBenedetto